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GETBO, a joint INSERM-UBO research unit, was set up in 1992 and recognized as UMR 1304 in 2022. Its scientific field is the study of venous thromboembolic disease from a biological, epidemiological, diagnostic, therapeutic and pathophysiological standpoint. The research unit works on the cellular and molecular mechanisms of venous thromboembolic disease, in particular venous thromboembolic recurrence. The scientific project is structured around three axes:

Axe 1 : determine WHO and WHY is at high risk of thrombosis, using genetic and physico-chemical approaches.

Axe 2 : understanding HOW recurrence occurs, by studying the role of inflammation and endothelial dysfunction in venous thrombus formation and venous thromboembolic recurrence.

Axe 3 : Study the mechanisms and links between venous thromboembolic disease and vascular-placental complications in young women of childbearing age.






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