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. Bio-av, OM: Bio-available organic matter Biv: Bivalve microhabitat CarbH: Total carbohydrates CC: Carbonate crust microhabitat Co: Concretions DIC: Dissolved inorganic carbon ES50: Expected richness for a sample of 50 individuals Lam: Lamellibrachia microhabitat Figure 2, Typical photographs of the microhabitats sampled on Napoli

. Amsterdam, Lamellibrachia (b, Lam), carbonate crusts (c, CC), brown sediments from the Lamellibrachia periphery (d, Plam), and the carbonate crust periphery (e, Pcc) on the Napoli MV. Bivalve shells (g, Biv), reduced sediments (h, Red) and carbonate crusts (i, CC) on the Amsterdam MV, The CALMAR benthic chamber (f) was deployed above one Lamellibrachia patch on Napoli