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The RF-ELITE axis (RF and printed ELectronics for Telecommunications and Energy) of the XLIM’s electronics cluster consists of two research teams, namely the MINT team (MIcro and Nano Structures for Telecom) and ELITE team (Printed ELectronics for Telecom and Energy).

The common areas of expertise of the two groups rely on development of innovative devices using emerging micro and nano technologies based on new processes, devices and functional materials integration.

These activities are supported by the entire technological resources (circuit fabrication and low and high-frequency instrumentation) of the technological and instrumentation platform for optical and microwave PLATINOM (microelectronics clean room, technology and instrumentation for organic optoelectronics, device optical and electrical measurements). They are also conducted in the frame of the Sigma-LIM laboratory of excellence and, more specifically, in the research thematic "Energy" and "Materials, Processes and Components".



The ELITE team is involved in the fundamental and experimental research on organic and hybrid optoelectronics for telecom and energy applications, from the integration of materials, fabrication of devices, their optoelectronic characterization, to the numerical modeling of their physcial properties. The ELITE team focus on the development of a large variety of devices.


The MINT research team (MIcro and Nano structures for Telecom) develops new technologies for advanced device development such as RF-MEMS and integration of emerging functional materials for applications in the fields of microwaves, optics and biology.

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