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Hardware design of parallel interleaver architecture: a survey
Chavet C., Coussy P.
Dans Advanced Hardware Design for Error Correcting Codes (2014) xx-yy [hal-01009476 - version 1]
Advanced Hardware Design for Error Correcting Codes
Chavet C., Coussy P.
(2014) 200 [hal-01009474 - version 1]
New Passive Ceramic Sensor for Corrosion Detection
Rammal J., Delhote N., Tantot O., Verdeyme S., GALLÉE F., Rioual S.
Dans Proceedings of the 44rd European Microwave Conference - European Microwave Conference, Italie (2014) [hal-00977977 - version 1]
Historical Knowledge Management Through Virtual Reality: Theoretical Aspects and Experiment Proposal
Hervy B., Laroche F., Lam B., Tourre V., Servières M., Kerouanton J.-L. Jlk, Bernard A.
Digital Intelligence, France (2014) [hal-01062341 - version 1]
Large-Scale Spiking Neural Networks using Neuromorphic Hardware Compatible Models
Krichmar J., Coussy P., Dutt N.
ACM Transactions on Journal of Emerging Technologies, Special issue on Neuromorphic and Brain-Inspired Computing Systems (2014) XX, YY [hal-01009475 - version 1]
fulltext access Brushless Three-Phase Synchronous Generator Under Rotating Diode Failure Conditions
Salah M., Bacha K., Chaari A., Benbouzid M.
IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion 29, 3 (2014) 594-601 [hal-01063655 - version 1]
Solving non-linear constraint satisfation problems involving time-dependant functions
Bethencourt A., Jaulin L.
Mathematics in Computer Science 8, 3-4 (2014) 503-524 [hal-01062347 - version 1]
fulltext access Hybrid sliding mode control of DFIG with MPPT using three multicellular converters
Taibi F., Benzineb O., Tadjine M., Boucherit M.S., Benbouzid M.
Dans Proceedings of the 2014 IFAC World Congress - IFAC World Congress 2014, Afrique Du Sud (2014) [hal-01063633 - version 1]
fulltext access Estimation of amplitude, phase and unbalance parameters in three phase systems: analytical solutions, efficient implementation and performance analysis
Vincent C., Adel B., El Bouchikhi E. H., Benbouzid M. E. H.
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 62, 16 (2014) 4064 - 4076 [hal-01058109 - version 1]
Phase Based Localization for Underwater Vehicles Using Interval Analysis
Saad Ibn Seddik M., Jaulin L., Grimsdale J.
Mathematics in Computer Science 8, 3-4 (2014) 495-502 [hal-01062323 - version 1]