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Combining Telephone Surveys and Fishing Catches Self-Report: The French Sea Bass Recreational Fishery Assessment
Rocklin D., Levrel H., Drogou M., Herfaut J., Véron G.
PLoS ONE 9, 1 (2014) e7271 [hal-00965395 - version 1]
Phytoplanktonic response to contrasted Saharan dust deposition events during mesocosm experiments in LNLC environment
Ridame C., Dekaezemacker J., Guieu C., BONNET S., L'helguen S., Malien F.
Biogeosciences 11 (2014) 753-796 [hal-00967790 - version 1]
The transition from Alboran to Algerian basins (Western Mediterranean Sea): Chronostratigraphy, deep crustal structure and tectonic evolution at the rear of a narrow slab rollback system
Medaouri M., Déverchère J., Graindorge D., Bracene R., Badji R., Ouabadi A., Yelles-Chaouche K., Bendiab F.
Journal of Geodynamics 77 (2014) 186-205 [insu-00985539 - version 1]
Angle sensing with ferromagnetic nanowire arrays
Tannoux C., Gieraltowski J.
Applied Physics Letters 104 (2014) 032403 [insu-00985613 - version 1]
The gill chamber epibiosis of deep-sea shrimp Rimicaris exoculata: an in-depth metagenomic investigation and discovery of Zetaproteobacteria.
Jan C., Petersen J. M., Werner J., Teeling H., Huang S., Glöckner F. O., Golyshina O. V., Dubilier N., Golyshin P. N., Jebbar M. et al
Environmental Microbiology (2014) epub ahead of print [hal-01025446 - version 1]
Local and global spatio-temporal entropy indices based on distance-ratios and co-occurrences
Leibovici D. G., Claramunt C., Le Guyader D., Brosset D.
International Journal of Geographical Information Science (2014) 1-24 [hal-00935664 - version 1]
Mitochondrial activity, hemocyte parameters and lipid composition modulation by dietary conditioning in the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas.
Dudognon T., Lambert C., Quere C., Auffret M., Soudant P., Kraffe E.
J Comp Physiol B (2014) 1-15 [hal-00948647 - version 1]
3D architecture of Quaternary sediment along the NW Atlantic Moroccan Rharb continental shelf: A stratal pattern under the dual control of tectonics and climatic variations
Le Roy P., Sahabi M., Maad N., Rabineau M., Gustcher M.-A., Babonneau N., Van Vliet-Lanoe B., Ait Brahim L., Nadia M., Trentesaux A. et al
Marine and Petroleum Geology 49 (2014) 129-142 [insu-00933569 - version 1]
Protected areas in the Atlantic facing the hazards of micro-plastic pollution: First diagnosis of three islands in the Canary Current.
Baztan J., Carrasco A., Chouinard O., Cleaud M., Gabaldon J. E., Huck T., Jaffrès L., Jorgensen B., Miguelez A., Paillard C. et al
Marine Pollution Bulletin (2014) epub ahead of print [hal-00948538 - version 1]
Area sampling and information systems applied to land-cover and land-use. Case study: post-communist Romania
Niculescu S., Fournier P., Badea A.
Revue Française de Photogrammétrie et de Télédétection, 205 (2014) 37-47 [hal-00966407 - version 1]